Vector Artwork
Independent Project Samples, Through August 2021
Adobe Illustrator is my go-to program for illustrating concepts, characters, icons, and elevations. This page is a short gallery of vector art I've made in the program for a multitude of games and tokens for hobbies and personal projects. 
I've also shared my perspective about how vector line work helps share natural history in the Bell Museum while providing a cohesive and scalable look. 
I'm delighted to share the rest of these examples of what is my favorite style of art.

A poster to commemorate characters in a roleplaying  campaign set in a Magic: The Gathering
game setting.

Concept art combining signature Magic: The Gathering Ikoria expansion creatures with the icon style of the Monster Hunter: World video game.

This video illustrates how those icons would be implemented in-game.

Tokens made for a Monster Hunter-inspired online game.

Character art inspired by the game Hades

Character art inspired by Twin Peaks, made for a personal board game rebranding project

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