U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
Gallagher & Associates, Spring 2019 - Summer 2022
Those coming to Washington DC for a glimpse of government in action usually put a visit to Capitol Building on the top of their list. The Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) caters to these visitors by hosting tours, educational programming, souvenirs, and an exhibit experience all underneath the open plaza where folks usually get their portrait photo taken next to the building's signature dome. In the last decade or so, the CVC and associated departments sought to update their exhibit so visitors could better understand the impact of Congress on citizens' everyday lives, and in turn how citizens could impact Congress with their own ideas and actions.
G&A's role was in designing the visitor experience, creating and refining the written stories and artifacts, and creating interactive moments for visitors of all abilities. I assisted and led in the interactive and graphic design of the exhibit, collaborating with each of our teams and stakeholders to create a (hopefully) beloved experience. Each of the following images feature designs that I had a major hand in concepting, developing, or managing.

The "Congress Over Time" gallery is a chronological view of the legislative branch. Each of the six islands features special artifacts from the time period, framed with images, stories, and context about Congress.

Each island in the "Congress Over Time" exhibit is introduced with an infographic, showing the growth of the nation and major acts of Congress over in that time.

The "Founding Documents" wall features large prints of the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Each document has a unique interpretation on the wall, and the Constitution's light-up quotes may be the most impressive.

The legislative process is complex but rewarding. Our interactive team brought the "Can You Pass the Law?" game on the right into the main exhibit, accompanied by my infographics that illustrate all its twists and conditions.

The "Impact of Congress" section features personal accounts of how legislative reform can benefit citizens. We crafted a modular panel system to feature these stories in a consistent but dynamic pattern.

The "My Role in Congress" section hosts a similar pattern of modularity to the "Impact of Congress" section, adding specific examples of actions that a citizen can take to impact the legislative process on behalf of themself or their community.

The "Nation's Capitol" brings forward all the art and architecture of the Capitol Building and its surroundings.

Democracy Lab
Glass partitions separate the main exhibit from the Democracy Lab, a room where each wall and table hosts an opportunity to practice the job of a lawmaker. Visitors of all ages can vote on weekly issues, practice speeches, draft bills, and learn about different parts of the nation in each different activity. The room aims to be a lively center of learning and fun.

My coworkers practice their speaking skills at a podium and drafting bills with step-by-step templates.

The legislative process can be a fun one when practiced amongst friends!

This map interactive has three layers of information, allowing visitors to explore the spatial relationship between representation, population, and industry across the United States.

Deals are made at the Creating Compromise table, where up to six visitors are assigned competing goals in a hypothetical budget and must work together to find an arrangement that can pass a majority vote.

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