Tennessee State Museum
Gallagher & Associates, Fall 2018.
Nashville, Tennessee's capital, hosts the Tennessee State Museum: a series of exhibits detailing the timeline of the state from its prehistoric roots to its contemporary history. Over 2,000 artifacts mingle among the panoramic photographs, informative interactives, and that make up the chronological experience of up to eight exhibits and children's gallery. My contribution to the large team of graphic and exhibit designers was focused on design development and production phases.
More information available at gallagherdesign.com and the TSM Website.
Photos are property of G&A and associated photographers, except where noted.
Working with a team under lead graphic designer Vassiana Alexieva, we filled design gaps, fixed widths, adjusted line spacing, and coded every graphic layout in the museum for fabrication.
Large murals offered colorful and thematic scenery to the galleries. Even when the photo is obtained at a small size, it is critical to avoid  pixilation at large scales when visitors will stand so close. This meant plenty of hours in Photoshop and Lightroom, adjusting levels, noise, resolution, and filters. 

Property of Tennessee State Museum and associated photographers.

Photo property of Tennessee State Museum and associated photographers.

Maps and Custom Drawings​​​​​​​
Content was often re-interpreted from existing maps and imagery to provide additional research and visual consistency. To the left is a reference for a story in the Forging a Nation gallery, detailing a series of battles in 1780 between US and British forces. 
To give more detail as to why militias moved the way they did, I utilized Mapbox, a versatile web mapping program, to style and export this section of terrain near current-day Eastern Tennessee and overlay the image with vector art. With the terrain more visible in the finished example below, the path of the Over-Mountain Men clearly followed a series of splits in the hills.
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