Hashtag Coffee
University Project — Summer 2016 
An exploration of Instagram coffee culture through iconography, applied to
a satirical cafe experience. Each icon takes a trope within the coffee tag of Instagram and imbues it in the cup, from slate and marble backgrounds to framing latte art to the ornate copper of brewing materials. The shop setup and graphics are intended to tease the special cups served to different kinds of customers.
Here's how the experience works:
1. The customer enters and orders their drink.
2. The barista looks for cues that correspond to a cup — perhaps they would get this sleek slate/marble cup above if they were ordering in and were dressed extra fine in black and white.
3. They ask if the customer wants a surprise cup, and if they say yes, then #wow! The customer gets their drink in a custom cup!
Elevation view of the cafe counter
Customer flow diagram of the counter area. Customers have the opportunity to read and interact with the following wall graphic. 
The wall graphic features art board of the icons alongside screens displaying latest entries in the #coffee tag on Instagram.
An explanation of the wall graphics, close to the serving area where customers will be waiting.
The menus, typeset with punchy condensed text for the punchy industrial brand popular among coffeeshops.
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