London 2012: A Photographer's Handbook for the Olympic Games
University Project – Fall 2015
I’ve always been inspired by the Olympics and how much discussion and spirit it elicits from the world, but I didn't consider how I could add to that excitement in an innovative way until last Fall. Since photo sharing has become so easy and popular through our phones and Instagram, I figured I could make a modern travel book that could spark some photo-creativity.
Taking visual cues from London 2012's bold branding, I crafted the book to give lots of information in a very concise manner. Photographers and attendees alike could make it to their destinations on time without needing to access phone data. 
The biggest conceptual challenge with the book was how to make acetate overlays be quickly accessible for photo shoots, but not get in the way when the reader wanted to access information about events and venues. After trial and error, I found that inserting the overlay between pages provided easy access and also a good cover page for different sport venues.
The overlays could stick out of the book while the photographer operated the camera with their free hand, enabling the fun photo opportunities in addition to the books venue information.

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