DAAPWorks 2017
Senior Show Branding and Exhibit Experience, Spring 2017
The DAAPWorks senior show exhibits the capstone and thesis projects of all the college’s graduating students. In addition to the DAAPWorks brand commissioned from external firms, the Graphic Communication Design major, or GRCD, creates its own brand to help unite the body of graphic design work exhibited throughout the DAAPWorks show. I collaborated with other classmates to produce two major aspects of the brand’s development: the brand concept and pitch animation, then the show's experience design.
Brand Concept
“Intertwined: Our winding paths come together to make something beautiful”
Our team crafted a story and visual language that spoke honestly to our classmates and communicated our experience to visitors of the show. Each of our classmates has a different perspective as a designer, even when given the same parameters and rules. Visually communicating this through intertwining pathways and infusing them into a logo was the approach our team settled on. This concept was chosen from among 12 pitches.

I developed our pitch video as a humorously over-the-top introduction to the concept.

Studio Branding
My comfort with experiential branding placed me on the EGD branding committee. Working alongside different teams, we crafted our designs to provide wayfinding and room identification as well as fun photo opportunities and personal stories for our classmates and guests throughout the week-long exhibit.

Dimensional letters and wall-scale lines gave our design life and dimension, as well as photo areas for our graduating classmates.

Our personal experiences are what inspired the brand concept, and exhibiting these stories and thoughts in a close-up experience gave a fun and personal aspect to the exhibition.

Door and window graphics filled two wayfinding roles: identifying the contents of the room, and unifying the GRCD exhibit rooms across two different floors of the DAAP college building.

The Motion Design room sits apart from others in the building, but has windows facing high-traffic areas. We projected a video onto a frosted vinyl to draw attention to the room.

My team led our other classmates in the install process, as well.

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