Image credit to Explore Minnesota

Bell Museum Site Maps
Gallagher & Associates, Summer 2018.
The Bell Museum site has a number of ecologically-innovative aspects, like its rain gardens, bird-safe glass, and stormwater management pond. The giant sundial, mined columns of Mesabi granite, and Moose sculpture provide fun quirks to the outside environment, too. The exterior site map marks all of these and sits right by the entrance so visitors don't miss them! 
More information available at and the Bell Museum website.

Each section of the grounds is marked with a color and a custom icon

The map on site. Its wooden frame will age over time to appear more gray, which will contrast well with the print.
Image credit to G&A.

Other signs mark the individual elements of the site, using the same style and flat map graphics when appropriate.
Image credit to G&A.

Interior maps used a similar colorful and flat style to emphasize different kinds of locations beyond the exhibits.

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