Bringing a Panera poster to life through Blender

Personal Animation Projects
Commissioned and Independent Project Samples, April 2018 – August 2021
Both After Effects and Blender have become my personal project programs of choice, as they allow for great rendering and illustration without the demands of hand-done drawing. Each of these projects were born out of excitement for either another artist's work, a new game, or a piece of restaurant decor that has hung in my room for a decade. 

The original poster (amongst my growing collection)

A parody of a Mario Kart selection screen, featuring the characters from the comic strip "Funny Online Animals" by KC Green. Individual characters and cart modeled in Blender, assembled and animated in After Effects.

Background scenic animations for a local church stage production, which played on loop behind dancers, orators, and musicians for an hour-long production. Produced in After Effects.

Animated card from the trading card game
Magic: The Gathering, produced in After Effects.

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