Affordable? It's Fuzzy.
Visual Journalism Exhibit Concept, Spring 2017
Winner of DAAPCares Award, DAAPWorks 2017

The Pacific Park mega-development in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY features a large amount of Affordable/income-linked housing, but it's chronic delays have reduced apartment availability to lower-income applicants. The reasons for the reduction are complex, and developers are not consistently held accountable for these changes. Public fatigue, information density, and a lack of critical press are challenged to communicating Pacific Park's progress and expectations.
Renderings and models of the projects completion, along with photos of
current progress. This rail yard (bottom right) will be covered and built upon
by the end of the project.
The goal of the exhibit is to tell an honest story about Pacific Park while visualizing abundant and complex information. In order to accurately represent the narrative of Pacific Park, the exhibit compiles the developer's press kit with the research and published work of the NYU Furman Center, advocate organizations local to Brooklyn, and journalist Norman Oder - an expert on the development's issues. This display of unique maps, charts, and graphs weaves together separate spaces of information to give locals an informed view of the transforming city blocks between Atlantic Avenue and Dean Street.

An isometric view of the project's complete vision identifies how Pacific Park buildings will change the neighborhood landscape and an expectation of the below-market housing timeline.

Distribution of Affordable units across different income levels is based around the Area Median Income of the NYC region. These posters illustrate the spread of one building, 461 Dean St, and how the shifting income levels have disqualified many over time. 

Exhibit Organization
This exhibit concept consolidates crucial information about Pacific Park's Affordable/income-linked housing into a series of posters and uses the high-traffic Barclays Center plaza to engage lots of local residents. The series of graphics and content inform visitors how rent subsidies are calculated, then progressively introduce them to the development’s plans and housing options, and finally demonstrate how past delays have seriously impacted who is qualified to apply for Pacific Park's Affordable Housing.

A model of the third section, titled "Pacific Park and Affordable Housing". The design features a narrative of panels in front of large murals, hoping to attract an audience from afar and inform them when they're engaged.

Displaying the Concept
I’ve compiled the story, exhibit design, and graphic design work into a Schematic Design book in order to share the ideas and design together. From exhibit construction and location standards to displaying how visitors may add to the story, this book is my
detailed proposal.
An Ongoing Story
Norman and I work to keep the infographic updated with new developments. Interested to see how the below infographic was made? Check out the process page.
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